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Hot Shot Oven & Kiln

We’ve helped this industry disrupter rapidly expand its reach via paid search, social media, and email marketing, resulting in massive sales increases.
Hot Shot Oven & Kiln is disrupting the heat-treating oven industry with the world’s safest and first cool-to-touch heat treat oven. Their products are made in the USA, ready to ship, and tailored to several niche industries, including machining, knifemaking, glass art, and low-temp ceramics.

Like all new clients, we guided Hot Shot through our Marketing MindMap process. This process allows us to deeply understand the total addressable market. From there, we dialed in Hot Shot’s ideal customer profiles and assessed all possible advertising channels building a clear and solid plan to break through this very established market.

The market for heat-treating ovens is enormous and dominated by companies that have been in business for generations. Hot Shot Oven & Kiln is the young upstart on the block, working to grab market share with their innovative design.

We could clearly see that Hot Shot had designed a product that was superior to anything in the industry. It was a feat of engineering to create an oven that can get to 2000 degrees on the inside, but still remain safe to touch on the outside.


Within the first few months, we were able to ramp up Hot Shot Oven & Kiln’s paid search and social campaigns, launch their new marketing CRM and build out their social media channels, and create numerous sales and marketing resources.

Since then, their company has added over seven figures in annual sales and continues on their impressive efforts to dominate the oven and kiln market. 

Digital Marketing + Automation
The total addressable market for heat-treating solutions is enormous. It includes individuals, organizations and companies in a wide variety of niches and numbers in the tens of millions. It would be easy for Hot Shot to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on any given ad platform in a short period of time. Working together, we helped Hot Shot narrow in on two initial ideal client profiles and developed a customized marketing plan. We were able to drive massive brand awareness for pennies per user, build engaged users for dollars per user, and new sales at a profitable ROI within the first 60 days. Our unique M2 Marketing Method has allowed Hot Shot to quickly scale their budget, creating more sales opportunities and new revenue. We are excited to partner with this innovative team.
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Sales and Marketing CRM Integrations
Working together, we helped Hot Shot's team evaluate several CRM options and explore the ways in which they could integrate their Shopify website. The result is an integrated sales and marketing system that allows their team to keep track of sales pipeline opportunities and gives our team the ability to build customized campaigns to support Hot Shot's potential customers at each stage of their customer journey.
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