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Supercharge Your Sales Pipeline

By employing data driven digital marketing, custom-tailored industry content, and automation technology, Cahill Consulting empowers our manufacturing clients to expand their businesses and create a competitive edge in their market.

Here is how we do it. . .

Together we define your target market, differentiate your company from the competition, and build a plan to capture market share.
We build content and marketing campaigns for every stage of your customer’s journey, positioning your brand as an industry leader.
We build predictable, profitable sales & marketing systems that will save your sales team time, improve the customer experience, and generate new revenue.
We close the loop between your advertising spend and revenue so you can focus your marketing on the best-performing tactics and improve your marketing ROI.
We provide clear, easy-to-understand reporting so you feel confident in your marketing investments. As your committed partner, we are always available to answer your questions and move your business forward.

If you are looking for support to take your manufacturing business to the next level, we can help.

You can start right here on our website, which is full of tools, articles, and resources to help you better understand your marketing and automation options, so you can build a fast-growing, profitable business.

Or you can schedule a complimentary strategy session where we can help you uncover your #1 growth opportunity.

No fluff or sales tactics, you tell us what’s keeping you up at night and we will provide our best advice.

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Discover how to close the loop between marketing and sales so you can attract a steady stream of new customers without breaking the bank

About Cahill Consulting

Our team has worked with leading companies, including Noom, Lifetouch, HubSpot, Outdoorsy, Precision Quincy, The National Math + Science Initiative, American Rotary, the International Association of Wellness Professionals, Precision Quincy, Scribe Media, Safe2Tell, ActiveCampaign, Smartly, the University of Arizona, and LSU to name just a few.

We don’t share these names to impress you. Rather to impress upon you that we have the specialized experience to help large and technically proficient companies grow, across a variety of industries.

As I’m sure you can imagine, companies like these have sophisticated marketing teams and large budgets. But these companies did what all great companies do. They continue to search out partners and insights to navigate the ever changing digital marketing landscape.

Our Target Market

Over the past decade, we’ve had the best results supporting manufacturing companies with $10-50M in annual revenue. Most our clients would rather focus on manufacturing, than developing in-house marketing teams. Our partnership saves them time, creates more sales opportunities and keeps them ahead of the competitors with advanced marketing strategies and tactics. 

Working together, our clients have transformed how they go to market and are reaping the rewards of greater focus and less complexity. The end result is rising revenue, greater profit margins and most importantly, peace of mind that they have found a team they can trust to help them grow their business.

Our Approach

The largest companies in the world started with the smallest niches.

Facebook targeted a small group of Harvard students with a new social media concept, Amazon got its start selling books to early adopters of e-commerce, and Nike only manufactured shoes for college track and field athletes..

By building their product and services around a small targeted community, these companies were able to dominate market share and then leverage their position to conquer new markets. . . and eventually the world..

The average US consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 marketing messages a day. In a world where everyone is yelling, hoping to be heard, we embrace and deliver a new approach to your marketing..

Think big, but start small. Go deep, not wide. Transform a small market, and strategically attract more markets to flock to your brand..

At Cahill Consulting, we can guide you through a proven process that saves you time, money and effort as you dominate a small, but meaningful market. Then we leverage this victory into adjacent markets, creating a snowballing effect on your growth and profits..

Why We Are Different

Tired of big promises and lackluster results with your current marketing agency?.

That’s the reason Cahill Consulting exists today. Our founder got so tired of trying to find an effective outsourced solution for the marketing needs of his international training company, he built his own dream team of marketing specialists..

The result was a 10x increase in revenue in 3 years, fueled by growth in 3 key niche markets..

Kevin learned a lot from this success, and he found that many of his consulting clients needed a better marketing solution. .

Applying what they learned, in the competitive training industry, our team set out to help our clients accelerate their growth with Modular Marketing Systems. And as you can see in our case studies and testimonials, the results have been exceptional.

About Modular Marketing

Today, our team is exclusively focused on delivering Modular Marketing Services for manufacturing companies who are committed to dominating their market. Theses services include assessments, consulting services and a complete array of marketing services to help you grow your business..

Our systematic, modular approach to marketing, allows us quickly integrate your current marketing assets into our system.

Our modular marketing systems are designed around two key objectives:.

—First, align your business with your target market..

—Second, leverage our experience with proven marketing methods to increase traffic, conversions and sales..

As a manufacturing company, we know that process is important to you. Your company uses trusted manufacturing processes and components to build products for your customers..

We take the same approach in our marketing.

About Our Team & Founder

Our founder, Kevin Cahill has a broad range of experience working for both regional, national and international companies over the past 30 years. As a former corporate leader, business owner and consultant, he has extensive experience with complex sales, marketing and management issues. He has personally managed over $732M in sales with complete PNL responsibilities..

Over the past decade, Kevin spent up to $1M/year advertising the companies he currently owns. In this process, he has built a team of experts who specialize in the wide range of platforms and disciplines necessary to be successful in today’s competitive, evolving digital landscape..

As a business owner and trusted advisor to numerous COOs and CEOs, his recommendations and insights are informed by his personal experience testing growth strategies. With the support of a committed team of marketing and technology experts, Cahill Consulting has specialized our services to help meet the unique needs of companies in the manufacturing sector..

At Cahill Consulting, you won’t work with a brand new account manager with a couple months or years of digital marketing training. You’ll have direct access to Kevin and a team he has been building since 2009. In fact, many or team members have been working together for a decade or more. This ensures smooth onboarding and consistent results for your business..

We value long term relationships and have built our company by treating our clients, employees and partners like family. When you have a challenge or opportunity, our team will be there to provide the service and attention you deserve.

About Our Clients

At Cahill Consulting, we specialize in providing Modular Marketing Systems to manufacturers that are looking to scale their operations and drive growth.

Over the years, our most successful partnerships have been with manufacturers and industrial service providers.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with marketing in these industries and can provide tailored solutions to help you succeed.

Our approach is collaborative, creative and data-driven. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and develop strategies that are based on insights and analysis. We believe that marketing should be a measurable and accountable function of your business, and we work hard to ensure that our efforts deliver results.

Our ideal client is a business owner in the manufacturing sector that is looking to expand their reach beyond trade shows and outbound sales efforts.

While these methods work, the manufacturing landscape has evolved, allowing companies to expand their presence and reach more customers with the power of digital marketing, while increasing the effectiveness of outbound sales with automation technology. 

We typically work with clients ranging from $10M to $50M in annual revenue, but our focus is always on businesses that share our commitment to excellence.

The companies we work with are committed to long term growth and see the value in investing in marketing methods that help them become a trusted leader for the target market they wish to serve.

Our Process

While the companies we work with are all different, we standardized our onboarding process to ensure consistent results. This 3 step process includes your complimentary consultation and a comprehensive marketing mindmap, before we launch our Modular Marketing Systems. 

This approach ensures we have a complete understanding of your business, your marketing resources and your target market before we launch a single campaign. This ensures both efficiency and effectiveness as we deploy your marketing.

Complimentary Consultation

We begin each engagement with a complimentary consultation. During this session, We'd like to address any pressing marketing challenges or opportunities you are currently facing. Our goal is simple, we'd love provide value and help you solve this challenge.

In this initial consultation, we expect to learn more about you and your company. And if it's appropriate, we can discuss step 2 of our process, our Marketing MindMap.

Marketing MindMap™

Our Marketing MindMap™ allows us to assess your current marketing efforts and build a complete plan and timeline designed to engage and attract your ideal customers. We will dive into your business data, marketing platforms, tech stack and work with your team to understand your ideal customers and your company’s unique value proposition.

During this step, we’d also like to interview your best customers and research your competition, so we can validate your input and collective objective information about your company and the market in which you compete. A customized Marketing MindMap™ is a result of this process. It includes all our research and step by step action plans on how we would deploy your marketing.

All together, this process can take about 60 days and will clearly illustrate how we would partner with your company. Your final product will include your ideal customer profiles, target market data by platform, keyword research, creative concepts, campaign design and recommended MarTech stack optimizations.

It's a full game plan that lays out exactly how we'd help you gain market share and grow your business. This approach ensures we all have full confidence and alignment before launching your Modular Marketing Systems™.. 

Modular Marketing System™

With a deep understanding of your business and alignment with your team,  we can quickly launch your marketing efforts via major advertising platforms, building out content to establish or improve your market authority, optimizing creative to drive more traffic. From there, we design and launch lead generation and automation solutions to support your sales team, so you have a steady flow of sales qualified leads.

Our optimization efforts are ongoing as we collect data, close the loop between marketing and sales, while looking for opportunities to improve the customer journey and expand your market share. As we gain market share in one market, we leverage this success and expand to adjacent target markets.


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