Our clients mean everything to us. We love to help them grow and thrive! So, we’re thrilled when we hear positive feedback from them. Their kind testimonials feel like a pat on the back and makes all the hard work worthwhile. Here are some of the kind, encouraging words that a few shared with us.

We’ve been very successful growing our business through traditional sales channels and online advertising, but working with Kevin has helped us leverage sales automation and online marketing, taking our company to the next level. Our biggest challenge today is keeping up with the influx of new quotes and orders that are coming into our business on a daily basis.

Matt Zakaras
CEO | PQ Ovens
Industry Leading Manufacturer of Thermal Processing Equipment

Kevin helped us quickly grow and automate our online business with Facebook advertising and business automation. Not only did we double our sales two years in a row, but we were able to save both time and money by implementing automation tools to handle repetitive tasks that were sucking up my team’s time and energy.

Shannon Medd
CEO | Pink Joli

Before hiring Cahill Consulting, our business was doing well. But not as well as I would have liked. I was at a crossroads because I had grown it to a certain level on my own and wasn’t sure how to take it to the next level. I always thought it would be so great if I could find someone who would really be willing to get into the trenches of my business, understand how it operated in the day-to-day and truly be a partner in its success. I didn’t think someone like that existed…until I met Kevin Cahill.

To say that Kevin has taken our business to the next level is an understatement. We’ve doubled our sales the first year I worked with him and have gone on to double it two more times since then.  

The most notable difference is that our phone is ringing off the hook and our email inbox is flooded with leads and new customers.  Cahill Consulting has not only the expertise to increase sales dramatically as I’ve described, but the know-how of how to manage this outstanding growth and create success in all areas of your business. If you’re looking for a trusted advisor, I highly recommend Kevin.  He is who I turn to now for every business decision.

Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO
The International Association of Wellness Professionals

After the first few days of working with Kevin, I was surprised at how quickly he was able to integrate with our team.  Kevin quickly adapted to our business niche and applied his marketing and sales leadership skills to address our immediate needs.

One of Kevin’s truly rare abilities is that of being able to find and recruit the best talent available for a given task.  His team even learned an entirely new online business that was crucial to our marketing success and negotiated contracts with other critical talent where needed.  All of these moving parts have become a valuable part of our business.

Kevin can very quickly and seamlessly become a part of your company’s team.  American Rotary is very much a technical/engineering driven company, and his marketing/sales perspective and experience works very well to complete our company’s disciplines.

I would be happy to talk with anyone considering Kevin and his potential for helping with your business.

David Rehm
GENTEC American Rotary


With the help of Kevin and his team, we grew our business by 100% last year. They always make sure we are at the top of the list on Google Search and have helped us massively upgrade our online reputation.

Most of all, we know we can trust them to help us make smart marketing decisions for our business.

Bob Stigsell
President | Advanced Health & Saftey

When I first met Kevin Cahill, I was new in my position and Kevin’s leadership and energy were instrumental in driving key strategic imperatives for my organization. Kevin was a critical leader and his vision provided the foundation for successful outcomes.

Kevin exhibited the highest level of professionalism, business expertise, communications, technical skills and customer service throughout our work together. I am proud to stand behind this statement.

Kevin is one of those rare individuals who not only is an outstanding professional in so many disciplines, but one whom you can rely on, especially when stress levels are high. I’ve seen Kevin in action, retaining the utmost respect for all individuals with whom he came in contact with.

Kevin’s interpersonal, organizational and technical skills are excellent, as is his ability to build teams and keep them motivated. Kevin’s leadership style is participatory and consensus-oriented and, at the same time, strong, decisive and effective. His attention to detail in building and maintaining relationships is exemplary.

I highly recommend Kevin, and would be happy to answer any questions about his capabilities.

Kenneth Brierton
Field Marketing Consultant
Northwestern Mutual

Because I do not consider myself a person who is savvy with technology, the thought of overhauling my online marketing was overwhelming. Cahill Consulting, however, made this big task, very manageable, and the results were beyond my expectations.

Throughout the process, I felt that Cahill Consulting always the most trustworthy and cost-effective advice, which as a small business owner felt extremely supportive. I would highly recommend Cahill Consulting!

Michelle Bersell M.A. M.Ed
Psychotherapist, Best-Selling Author & Motivational Speaker
Michelle Bersell Life Coaching

Cahill Consulting – a great firm to take your company to the next level with online marketing. It was great working with Kevin – he has great ideas, super fast turn around time with changes and he really cares about how my company is doing. That’s rare. And, it was fun! Highly recommend working with him.

Stephanie Quinn
Principal and Lead Designer
Modern Edge Design

Kevin Cahill is a proven sales and marketing executive who consistently delivered president’s club level results from every team that he managed. He has a unique ability to drive results to top and bottom line while effectively managing and developing his people for continued growth.

Beyond the numbers, Kevin is never satisfied with the status quo and contributes to the vision of where the organization should be going. I recommend Kevin without any hesitation – his skill, intuition and track record of performance would benefit any organization.

Nigel Downer
Cadient Group

Cahill Consulting has helped my business stand out on the internet! Potential clients are able to locate my business with ease and book online themselves. It’s exciting how many new clients I have received through the web.

Kevin’s passion, knowledge & professional really shine through. He cares & wants you to succeed. He’s a joy to work with and  I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to stand above the rest.

Carrie J Berg
Abstract Bodywork LLC

Kevin has been an incredible consulting asset to our organization from a strategic business planning and sales engagement perspective. His leadership and facilitation style is extremely efficient and effective, and he also ensures that everyone at the table is heard. Kevin has been successful in both the nonprofit and for profit arenas and, as such, is an excellent selection for anyone wanting to build or refine their approach to serving their clients, customers and communities.

Tim Kobussen
Group Vice President, Marketing
YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee

I have to say that it has been a real pleasure working with you on a new site for Come-Alive Decoy Products. Your ideas are great, execution superb, understanding of my needs excellent. I appreciate you flexibility to work on my project and the concern you show for having it done right and quickly. And, your ideas for Facebook promotion are outstanding! THAT is real cost conscious marketing!

I hope we can continue to work together in the future.

Eric D. Lenz
Owner EEL, Inc.
d.b.a. Come-Alive Decoy Products

Kevin has been a pleasure to work with as a part of our non-profit board. He is a next level thinker, and has the ability to put ideas into actions. He is passionate about helping others be successful and brings a vibrant energy to any project or group he is working with. To have Kevin on your team, or consulting in any way, will bring new, fresh ideas which are certain to contribute to success.

Heather Williams
Center Executive
YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee

Mr. Kevin Cahill provided consulting services to me on more than one occasion regarding my website HiphopND.com. I came to Cahill Consulting looking for enhancements to my custom built website that would allow my viewers to share music videos of upcoming artists across the country.

Kevin took the time to review my online presence, research the options available and provided me with a detail plan on how I could proceed.. I would definitely recommend Cahill Consulting to anyone looking for solid advice on online marketing.


Kevin in a word is a leader. Kevin’s ability to visualize and execute strategy makes him an asset to any organization. Kevin’s balanced ability to lead and be led fosters synergy with his team. Kevin will be an asset to any organization searching for the next generation of visionary leadership.

Milton Dodd
Director of Sales
Lifetouch National School Studios

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