If you ready to quickly generate new revenue, automate tasks for your team, and get the most out of your advertising investments, then you are in the right place. 

Everyone wants to leverage all this technology to automate the sales process and build relationships with new customers, but with so many advertising platforms and software options, it can be difficult to find a solution that fits the unique needs of your business.

And even when you do find an attractive option, the technical requirements to implement this new technology can stop you in your tracks.

At the end of the day, you want to invest in sales & marketing systems that will streamline your business and create new sales opportunities, but you simply don’t have the time or interest in figuring all this out on your own.

I get it. I spent 20 years working with national sales teams who took a very traditional approach to marketing and sales. If you are going to invest in sales and marketing automation, it’s critical that you build a plan that is unique to your business needs and will be accepted and integrated by your team.

We believe every business is unique, even within similar industries, so it’s important that you design sales and marketing strategies that meet the unique capabilities and goals of your team.

If you are like many of the clients we’ve worked with, you would love a fresh, objective look at what is possible for your business, including:

How well is my business utilizing our advertising platforms and sales & marketing software?

— What is working or not working?

— How are my accounts performing compared to industry norms?

— Do I have the right software and process in place to maximize my sales and marketing results?

What is really possible with sales & marketing automation?

— Are there any new tools or software that would help me attract and convert new customers?

— How can I connect this data together to get better reporting?

— How can I save time and money using automation without losing that personal touch that my customers love?

How can I take the next step towards upleveling my sales and marketing systems so I can better serve my customers and stay ahead of the competition?

— How do I build a comprehensive plan to leverage all this technology and improve the customer experience?

— How do I build a plan that will grow with my business?

— Where should I spend my time, energy and money, both today and tomorrow?

To help you understand your current sales and marketing opportunities, the competitive landscape and all your available options, we’ve created this Sales & Marketing Automation Blueprint.

Your Sales & Marketing Automation Blueprint: Our Process


Discovery 360™

Completed online and over the phone, our discovery takes a 360 approach to your business, allowing us to understand your values, capabilities, business rules and goals.  This holistic approach ensures we build a strategy that is unique to your business and will be both accepted and integrated by your team.


Marketing Systems Assessment (MSA)

During this stage, we will directly access all your marketing related assets, including advertising platforms, websites and CRMs. We will opt into any current funnels and get a first hand perspective on all your current efforts to attract new customers.


Sales Systems Assessment (SSA)

During this stage, we will meet with your team to review the current sales process, so we understand how you operate and what is most important to your sales team. This step is critical to ensure that marketing efforts and sales expectations match up, so your systems and people are aligned


Blueprint Mastermind 1.0

Our team of experts work together to compile the information we have collected in this process and identify key follow up questions that we need answered in order to start building a preliminary Blueprint.


Team Discovery

Our team will meet with your team, via conference call to review current assets and deepen our understanding of your strategies, systems and goals.


Your Automation Blueprint – A complete report

Based on this exhaustive discovery, we will provide you with a complete report that outlines our findings and recommendations. Your Blueprint will  outline the steps you can take right away to close the feedback look. eliminate data silos and maximize your sales and marketing ROI.


Review & Deploy

We will review this document with you and answer any questions you might have. At which point you can take this information and get to work implementing your blueprint right away.

Your final blueprint will be written in plain, non-techy language, making it easy to understand. And it will include strategies and tactics that you can implement right away.

You will receive:

A complete analysis of your current marketing strategy, online advertising accounts, customer profiles and customer journey milestones.

A mindmap of how all your systems fit together, so we can pinpoint your best opportunities for improvement and growth.

A comprehensive blueprint that shows you how you can take small (or big) steps towards a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy

Technology recommendations that can will help you streamline your business, saving time and money.

A digital copy of the blueprint so you can move forward with the plan however you like, with your own team or with a company of your choice.


If you are ready to quickly grow your business in an online world, simply click the link below to schedule a complimentary discover session.

Together, we’ll review your business goals, your current advertising and sales efforts and determine if a sales automation blueprint is right for your business.