Discover a Four Step Process to Rapidly 2X to 4X Your Revenue  

See how fast-growing industrial manufacturers and service providers are driving profits by closing the loop between marketing & sales

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In this complimentary training session, I'll show you:

  • A four-step process to build a powerful marketing and sales system
  • How marketing milestones can streamline your sales process and double your close rate
  • Why technology is NOT the most important element of a successful sales automation system
  • How one international manufacturing company was able to obtain 313% more quotes, increase sales conversions by 173%, and increase their advertising ROI by 189%
  • How an online training company was able to achieve 3X more leads, a 31% increase in close rate, and 4X more sales
  • How an industry-leading manufacturer of industrial equipment was able to double its sales, generate 74% more orders online, and increase sales from social media by 214%
  • Plus, many tips and insights you can apply to your business right away

We've been very successful growing our business, but working with Kevin has helped us leverage sales automation and online marketing, taking our company to the next level. Our biggest challenge today is keeping up with the influx of new quotes and orders that are coming into our business on a daily basis.

Matt Zakaras, CEO | PQ Ovens Industry Leading Manufacturer of Thermal Processing Equipment 


What’s included with this free training?

A four step process to help you get started

Free downloads and worksheets to help guide you

One free consultation via phone or email

With the help of Kevin and his team, we grew our business by 100% last year. They always make sure we are at the top of the list on Google Search and have helped us massively upgrade our online reputation. Most of all, we know we can trust them to help us make smart marketing decisions for our business.  

Bob Stigsell, President | Advanced Health & Saftey


About Kevin

With a relentless focus on results, Kevin helps business owners build effective sales and marketing strategies that maximize sales and profits.  

Working with your team and leveraging his own team of experts, Kevin can help you implement systems that streamline your marketing, increase sales efficiencies and maximize your advertising ROI.  

Kevin has been working with high-performance sales and marketing teams for over 30 years, supporting hundreds of business owners across the country.  

Kevin has spent up to $1M/year advertising companies he owns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Bing, and Google. His recommendations and insights are informed by his personal experience testing growth strategies with his own money.  

Kevin and his team helped us quickly grow and automate our online business with Facebook advertising and business automation. Not only did we double our sales two years in a row, but we were able to save both time and money by implementing automation tools to handle repetitive tasks that were sucking up my team’s time and energy. 

Shannon Medd, COO | American Rotary

Complimentary Video Training

Discover a Four Step Process to Rapidly 2X to 4X Your Revenue  

See how fast-growing industrial manufactures and service providers streamline their sales process and drive profits by closing the loop between marketing & sales

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