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Sometimes, I get stuck.

Stuck thinking about my next move and how to move my business forward. Sometimes, I pause and have to consider, “What is the next step for me and my business?”

Every business owner I’ve ever worked with has this same experience from time to time. We all want to move forward, but it’s human nature to get caught up in our own head sometimes.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered a very easy way to get “unstuck”, get back on track and unlock new growth.

It used to take me days or even weeks to get over the hump and get back onto a positive course of action. Today, it only takes me a few minutes to get back on track.

What’s my solution?

I ask myself 12 simple questions

I have these 12 questions printed out and hanging on the wall next to my desk at my office. I have a second set printed out in my home office. I keep a third print out in in my laptop bag. I also keep the 12 questions on my Google Drive.

The questions are always within my reach in case I get stuck.

They have proven time and time again to be the quickest path to clarity and action.

Click Here to Get the 12 Questions

Today, I wanted to share three of these questions with you.

1. What is the most authentic way I can share my knowledge, create value and serve my community today?

This question helps me tap into my creativity from a place of curiosity and service. When I ask this question, I quickly get clear on how I can create content and share information with my community of prospective and current clients.

Instead of thinking “What would get my business the best results?”, I ask, “How can I create the most value for my community?”

Not surprisingly, I usually get the best results when I create the most value. So, it’s a win-win.

2. How can I leverage the power of discovery to deeply understand my new clients and how I might best serve them?

This question reminds me that to help my clients, I need to ask the right questions.

The right questions will help me get a clear understanding of how I can uniquely help my clients. When I understand this, I can offer the right services and information to bring about meaningful changes.

When I create meaningful change, my clients get results. When my clients get results, everyone wins.

3. How can I leverage the power of teams to increase my company’s capabilities while remaining focused on the work that excites and inspires me?

I ask this question every time I find myself doing something I don’t like doing or that I’m not uniquely suited to do well.

Like most business owners, I started my business without a single employee. I had a vision for what I wanted to do and I just started doing whatever it took to be successful.

Over time, I built a team. A team of people who love doing the work that I don’t like doing. A team of individuals who are more skilled and more passionate about handling important parts of my business.

From time to time, I still find myself working on something that isn’t in my sweet spot. When I ask this question, I am able to quickly move the task over to someone on my team or find someone new who can help me out.

This question helps me delegate, build my team and gets me refocused on the work that excites and inspires me.

The power of good questions never ceases to amaze me.

The best answers always come from the best questions.

If you would like my complete list of 12 questions, I’d be happy to share them with you. Just click the link below and I’ll send them directly to your email!

Click Here to Get the 12 Questions

Or you can email me at and I’ll send them your way!


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