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Precision Quincy

We’ve helped Precision Quincy close the loop on their marketing investments, so they can stay focused on growing their business by building industry-leading products.
Precision Quincy is a North American industrial oven manufacturer. They are dedicated to designing, engineering, manufacturing, and servicing industrial ovens, furnaces, and other thermal processing equipment to create a “perfect fit” for their clients.
Despite significant investments in paid search and SEO, they were not sure which sources of traffic were generating the most sales for their growing business. Their team had questions that are very common in the B2B manufacturing sector, especially where high-ticket products and long sales cycles are involved:

  • What traffic sources generate the best leads?
  • Which traffic sources are the most profitable?
  • What is my overall return on investment?
  • How can we optimize for online marketing when our sales cycle is longer than Google’s 90-day tracking window?

In a very short period of time, we’ve used our Modular Marketing System to optimize Precision Quincy’s sales pipeline.  We’ve identified 6 different types of leads, and optimized their online advertising to generate more of them. 

Over the past five years, we’ve with the team at Precision Quincy to optimize their website, create SEO-optimized content, build search campaigns that deliver consistent monthly results, and help them establish a presence on social media and with email marketing. We also built a comprehensive Modular Marketing System that allows their marketing CRM to communicate with their Sales CRM. This allows us to make better decisions on marketing efforts based on sales that occur exclusively offline.

“We’ve been very successful growing our business, but working with Cahill Consulting has helped us leverage sales automation and online marketing, taking our company to the next level. Our biggest challenge today is keeping up with the influx of new quotes and orders that are coming into our business on a daily basis.” – Matt Zakaras, CEO | Precision Quincy

Web Design
The Precision Quincy website is a WordPress website designed and built by one of our trusted partners. Precision Quincy was frustrated with the support and functionality of their current website, so we connected then with one of our long-term partners who were able to quickly build a new, reliable WordPress site that makes it easy for the Precision Quincy team to manage. Plus, they have continued high quality support for updates and changes whenever they need them.
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Digital Marketing + Lead Generation
We have integrated numerous lead-generation opportunities on the Precision Quincy website, allowing customers to gain knowledge and confidence in Precision Quincy's unique approach to building ovens with a "Perfect Fit". These multiple touch points, combined with value-added email marketing allow us to better optimize their marketing efforts while closing the gap between cold traffic and sales qualified leads. This has allowed us to generate millions of dollars in revenue and directly attribute this back to sales that have originated on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

We can also track how Precision Quincy's investments in paid advertising have helped them create new business opportunities with some of the biggest companies in the world.
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Sales and Marketing Materials
During the course of our relationship, we've helped bring Precision Quincy's unique approach to oven manufacturing to life with sales and marketing materials. We do more than simply create brochures, we help our clients conceptualize and communicate their unique value proposition with materials that support their sales efforts.
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Sales and Marketing Automation
With our Modular Marketing System, we've integrated Precision Quincy's sales and marketing CRMs while creating opportunities for both customer-facing and internal communications throughout the customer journey. This system allows us to merge data from both systems, connecting sales and marketing data that might otherwise be lost due to long sales cycles.
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