Case Study

Peak Performance Pros – P3

Peak Performance Professionals is engaging with world-class athletes and providing them a more robust and convenient training experience with updated branding, new marketing materials and a powerful new website.


P3 is Wisconsin’s premier endurance and fitness training center. Led by Bob Hanisch, former Head Coach for USA Triathlon, P3 is staffed by Wisconsin’s highest-rated coaching staff and features state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, plus a comprehensive offering of fitness and wellness classes designed to help athletes reach their highest potential.

The P3 team wanted to update their branding, with a new look, new copy and new marketing materials. They wanted a new website that was visually appealing and would also make it easier for athletes to explore their wide range of programs, centered on their three target segments: Swimmers, Cyclists, Runners and Triathletes.

Just as important, they wanted their clients to be able to register for classes and services from PCs and mobile devices. Finally, the team wanted to help fuel growth new with a lead generation system.

Cahill Consulting helped update their brand with a comprehensive online and offline marketing makeover that included a new website.


Working closely with Bob and the P3 team under a tight deadline, we developed and launched a new mobile-friendly site. Well-planned architecture, a highly visual design and audience-specific messaging makes it easy for everyone to find what they’re searching for.
Clients can access class info from any device, any time, via the new scheduling tool or a custom Apple/Android app. Web traffic has increased, new leads are coming in and there’s been a HUGE increase in visits to the schedule.

Increase in online scheduling
Monthly leads
Increase in monthly leads
Increase in web traffic

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