Case Study

Michelle Bersell

Michelle is touching more lives than ever through the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment.


Combining training as a psychotherapist with perceptive insight that challenges convention, Michelle and the IIEE are helping thousands unlock and celebrate their potential. While inspiring more people every day, her visionary leadership continues to garner national media attention.

Michelle was eager to expand the IIEE by launching two new programs for distinct audiences: one for those seeking emotional empowerment and development for themselves, and one for holistic wellness practitioners seeking breakthroughs for their business and their clients.

She knew she’d need the right technologies and the right messaging to reach these groups. At Cahill Consulting, we sought to fine-tune her story and let it shine through an integrated approach of lead generation, webinars, video training, email automation and online scheduling solutions.


Together, we’ve created a solid technology framework to help Michelle’s team grow and scale her business while sharing the powerful message of emotional empowerment.

“Because I do not consider myself a person who is savvy with technology, the thought of overhauling my website and online marketing was overwhelming. Cahill Consulting, however, made this big task very manageable, and the results were beyond my expectations. Throughout the process, I felt that Cahill Consulting always provided the most trustworthy and cost-effective advice, which as a small business owner I felt was extremely supportive. I would highly recommend Cahill Consulting!” – Michelle Bersell, M.A. M.Ed, Psychotherapist, Best-Selling Author & Motivational Speaker Michelle Bersell Life Coaching & The International Institute for Emotional Empowerment


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