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American Rotary

With our Modular Marketing Systems, American Rotary is rapidly growing as we introduce their industry-leading three-phase power solutions to their ideal customers around the globe.

American Rotary is the world’s leading manufacturer of static, digital and rotary three-phase converters. These products help power some of the country’s toughest industries, in places where a lack of utility three-phase power would otherwise hold these companies back.

Accessing three-phase power is a significant issue in the Agriculture, Woodworking, Metal Working, Machining, Food Service, and Industrial industries.

Fortunately, American Rotary is uniquely equipped to solve this problem. They’re so confident in the superior quality of their product line that they’re the only company in their industry to offer lifetime warranties. However, to fight off low-price competition, they knew they needed to do more to connect their value proposition to their ideal clients.

We dove into American Rotary’s business, identified core opportunities, and got to work creating and implementing a comprehensive Modular Marketing System that has created tens of millions of dollars in new revenue.


Over the past three years, we’ve worked with American Rotary to re-energize all aspects of their company, including consulting services to build a new sales team, streamlining business processes & reporting, and expanding and implementing a comprehensive Modular Marketing System that delivers a steady stream of qualified leads and sales. 

“Cahill Consulting quickly adapted to our business niche and applied their marketing and sales leadership skills to address our immediate needs. One of Cahill Consulting can very quickly and seamlessly become a part of your company’s team.  American Rotary is very much a technical/engineering-driven company, and their marketing/sales perspective and experience works very well to complete our company’s disciplines.” – David Rehm, President & CEO, American Rotary

Digital Marketing + Automation
We have integrated numerous lead generation tools within the American Rotary website, allowing them to connect with potential customers based on their unique position in the customer journey. By providing the appropriate resource for potential customers at the right time, we help build trust and improve the likelihood that a website visitor will become an American Rotary customer. This has allowed us to capture over 60,000 leads and nurture these relationships with high-value resources, resulting in thousands of sales-qualified leads for their sales team.
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Sales and Marketing Materials
Designed to match the American Rotary Brand, we created dozens of custom-designed print pieces for use in the sales and marketing departments. These include case studies, custom catalogs, sales folders, sales slicks, oversized wall posters, and internal sales training documents to ensure a consistent, professional image for this industry-leading company.
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Working closely with American Rotary we created a full custom eBay store and over 50 listings to help them stand out from the competition. Our work included custom artwork and illustrations to visually engage and educate American Rotary customers.
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Website Design + Optimizations
The American Rotary website is WordPress website designed by our creative team. Loaded with custom features, including custom product-building tools, a customer-facing product wizard, lead generation, and integrations with their CRM, Google Shopping and other sales support tools.
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