Case Study

American Rotary

With Cahill Consulting’s help, American Rotary is bringing its proven three-phase power solutions to more and more hard-working companies across the country.


American Rotary is the world’s leading manufacturer of static, digital and rotary three-phase converters. These products help power some of the country’s toughest industries, in places where a lack of utility three-phase power would otherwise hold these companies back.

Accessing three-phase power is a significant issue in the Agriculture, Woodworking, Metal Working, Machining, Food Service and Industrial industries.

Fortunately, American Rotary is uniquely equipped to solve this problem. They’re so confident in the superior quality of their product line that they they’re the only company in their industry to offer lifetime warranties. However, to fight off low-price competition, they knew they needed to do more to connect their value proposition to their ideal clients.

We dove into American Rotary’s situation, identified core issues, and got to work creating and implementing a comprehensive strategic plan that has created millions of dollars in new revenue.


Over the past three years, we’ve worked with American Rotary to re-energize all aspects of their company, from motivating and empowering the sales team, to streamlining business processes, to expanding and strengthening digital marketing efforts and more.

“Kevin quickly adapted to our business niche and applied his marketing and sales leadership skills to address our immediate needs. One of Kevin’s truly rare abilities is that of being able to find and recruit the best talent available for a given task. Kevin can very quickly and seamlessly become a part of your company’s team.  American Rotary is very much a technical/engineering driven company, and his marketing/sales perspective and experience works very well to complete our company’s disciplines.” – David Rehm, President & CEO, American Rotary

Increase in monthly revenue
Monthly leads
Increase in average sale
Increase in online orders

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