3 Keys to Unleash Your Team in 2021

Eager to head into the New Year with some real business momentum? Now’s a great time to refocus and reenergize your leadership.

To help you build a strong, fast-growing company, even your most talented employees need guidance, support, and direction. Such effective leadership could act like rocket fuel for your business.

And the good news is it won’t take rocket science to pull it off. It really just comes down to three key qualities.

1. Cultivating Ideas

Great leaders are always imagining new possibilities, and they inspire and challenge their teams to do the same.

Start by scheduling simple, monthly brainstorming sessions designed to solve specific business challenges.

After demonstrating an effective format, empower specific team members to lead these meetings and keep the momentum going.

2. Removing Obstacles

Years ago, a mentor gave me a leadership tip that has stuck. My job was to protect the talented, experienced quarterbacks on my team, he said, so they could make the big plays.

It was a great visual, and I took on that job with an attitude of service, dedicating myself to removing every obstacle that stood in my team’s way.

I quickly won their trust, and we quickly started winning. Our division led the company in sales two years in a row.

3. Communicating Constantly

Most business owners keep a lot of information under wraps. They’re afraid that their employees won’t really understand the data.

But the truth is that most employees just want to know how their work makes an impact and where the company is headed. It makes them feel like essential players. And they are!

Set up regular updates on company and employee performance. Even a small amount of transparency can go a long way toward building trust and motivating people.

When you tackle challenges head on to protect your team, they notice and will step up to make big plays.

That’s it. Focus on these three leadership qualities, and you and your team will be poised to grow, evolve and thrive in 2021!


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